Constant Care Plus

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Our exclusive Constant Care Plus package is unmatched in the industry.

    Customers who choose this option receive:

  1. Exclusive Access to Constant Care Team - This includes a direct line to our Constant Care team. You’ll be provided a special email to ensure any delivery and installation issues are addressed quickly and efficiently.
  2. Appliance Concierge Service - In the event that a repair to one of your appliances is needed, your Constant Care team will handle the legwork of securing and scheduling an opportunity with the correct service provider, saving you time and the headache of choosing between different 3rd party options.
  3. Unlimited Constant Care Evaluations — Our Constant Care Plus technical team is available to diagnose installation and appliance performance issues, for both your indoor and outdoor kitchens. This includes services like refrigerator and dishwasher panel alignment problems, annual water filter replacements and outdoor grill ignitor service and grill cleaning. For a full list of services include, please visit Constant Care Evaluations.
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