Constant Care

Constant Care

Constant Care is a suite of services that aims to provide you with the best experience possible.

  1. Constant Care Delivery and Installation — We take great care in hiring and training the best personnel for Constant Care Delivery and Installation. Our factory-trained technicians will deliver and install your appliances with precision, thanks to pre-site inspections to ensure accuracy. Our technicians will make sure your appliances are installed correctly to ensure maximum performance. You can track the status of your order through our customer portal, and use our Live Delivery Tracker to keep an eye on the progress of your deliver driver.

  2. Constant Care Premier Installation — For orders of $25,000 or more, we offer a Constant Care Premier Installation package that includes a dedicated project manager, two executive pre-sites, in-house factory authorized installers, a final fit and finish visit, and a one-year subscription to Constant Care Plus.

  3. Constant Care Plus — Our exclusive Constant Care Plus package gives you exclusive access to our Constant Care Team, appliance concierge service assistance, and unlimited Constant Care Evaluations.

  4. Constant Care SupportConstant Care Support is committed to providing fast resolution to any post-sale questions or issues. Our email-only service allows customers to contact us with any concerns that may arise after the sale. We are dedicated to ensuring customers are satisfied with our services and will work with them to resolve any issues in a timely manner.

  5. Constant Care WarrantyConstant Care Warranty program gives our customers peace of mind through our partnership with American Home Shield.

  6. Constant Care Delivery & Installation Preparation Requirements — Download our Delivery and Installation Preparation Requirements.

  7. Appliance Installation Policy: Cabinet Responsibility — We are committed to ensuring a smooth appliance installation process.

    Please note that our installation service is limited to the appliances you chose fitting into pre-existing cabinets and or new cabinet installations that only meet and are prepared to the manufacturer's specifications which the client is responsible for. Our team is not responsible for modifying cabinets or creating new cabinet openings planned, designed, specified or installed by others.

    It is the responsibility of the homeowner, kitchen designer, or contractor to ensure cabinets meet the necessary dimensions before installation.