Frequently Asked Appliance Questions:

Yes, we have our own internal installation company. We install all appliances from microwaves to built-in 800 pound refrigeration. Our installers are not only licensed to install, but are also certified by several manufacturers, which not only guarantees a perfect install, but also in some cases gives customers an extra year of warranty.

For our cabinetry we have a well established list of several licensed contractors that we have worked with for many years to do the job. We base our recommendation depending on what type of service we believe you need.
An extended warranty is like an insurance policy. We offer them for your protection on your expensive appliance investment to protect from unseen expenses. To determine if you need an extended warranty, first see how long the manufacturers’ warranty runs and what it covers. Some only last 1 year parts and labor, these should be the ones to look at first. It only takes about one service call to break even on what you paid for a warranty, so ask the salesperson for their recommendation.
We do not do any repairs of appliances. Most independents in the northern California market rely on either the independent channel or factory service. We have an up to date service list on all appliance manufacturers we sell to assist our customers with. If any of those companies fail to perform to our satisfaction we take them off the list. If we have a brand that suddenly turns into a problem because the service network fails, we drop the brand until they can get back on board with a reliable service company.
Yes. If you are involved in a kitchen makeover/remodel we give you our most aggressive pricing. Pricing is not based on how much you are buying, but rather what brands and products you are buying. We will do all we can to help our builders and designers to gain their trust ad well as get repeat business. We try to keep prices as competitive as possible within our industry.
Unilateral Minimum Retail Price (UMRP) is pricing set by the manufacturer that we cannot sell below. It is a contractual agreement that all dealerships must agree to in order to sell specific manufacturer brands. The good thing about UMRP is that it ensure that all customers are purchasing appliances for the lowest possible price and get to focus their attention on purchasing from a dealership that offers their clients a professional and educated shopping experience.
If you provide us a legitimate quote from a local, or internet authorized dealer, we will review it and determine if we can match it.

Manufacturers and distributors do not condone shipping product out of the dealer's immediate area because it hurts not only the dealer but the distributors well. More importantly, often times the Internet dealer does not always come clean about what can or cannot be provided to you until you give them your address. By that time you may find you have wasted a great deal of time.

Another big concern is service and damage. We have had situations where customers had purchased online and contacted us to see if we could assist them since they were unable to get in contact with the online company they purchased from.

Keep in mind the following bullet points:

  • If you purchase from a long distance company, you have no real relationship and they have your money.
  • Internet dealers do not have a service provider established in your local area and claims must file a claim with the shipper, not the seller.
  • Claims can take 3-6 months to settle, often times ending in some type of litigation.
  • The worst part is you take a risk of being left hanging with an incomplete kitchen just because you wanted to save on sales tax.