Constant Care Program

RELAX, YOU'RE COVERED. Protect your investment with an Extended Warranty. Even the Best Appliances can succumb to normal wear and tear. An Extended Warranty saves you from unexpected repair bills and the comprehensive coverage costs just pennies a day. Our Expert Protection Plans eliminate the inconvenience associated with restoring your equipment to peak condition. Make one toll-free call to our service support center and you'll get fast, efficient service.

Constant Care: (650) 399-5360

Extended Warranty Service Center Phone Numbers:

Expert Protection Sold From November 10th 2008 to present: PH: 1-800-543-8890

MieleCare Extended Warranties: 1-800 356 0991

Our Expert Protection Extended Warranty Coverage Plan Rates are:

Appliance Value, Coverage Plan Rate per item - Note: Clothes Washers have 2 pricing programs for Extended Warranty at the bottom of the list.

$399 & under = $99.95

$400-599 = $129.95

$600-749 = $129.95

$750-999 = $149.95

$1,000-1499 = $149.95

$1,500-1999 = $149.95

$2,000-2499 = $249.95

$2500-2999 = $249.95

$3,000-4999 = $448.95

$5,000-9999 = $649.95

$10,000-14,999 = $999.95

$15k-19,999 = $1,299.95


Estimates for Repair Bills listed by Appliance Type:

Washing Machine $450

Clothes Dryer $200

Refrigerator $450

Range $250

Dishwasher $300

Microwave $150


Helpful Hint for Front Load Clothes Washers: Be sure to let the washer “dry out” after use, by leaving the door open at least a crack, to prevent mildew on the gasket, and to keep your washer and clothes clean and fresh. Never leave the washer door closed for a long period of time and be sure to leave it open if you will be away from home a few days or more. 


Promotional Refund Program of Extended Warranty

Dear Valued Clients,

During certain promotional periods in the past years, Atherton and BSC ran a promotional program that promised its clients a  Full Refund on what their  Extended Warranty cost them at time of sale , if the client did not use or order a service call through the Extended Warranty provider, during the life of that warranty.  In order to get a refund in full the client must follow these rules:



1. Get in writing from the Extended Warranty Provider, an email letter stating the warranty has expired and no service calls were ordered during the life of the contract. For this proof in writing, email He can research the plan and answer you promptly. Forward Chad’s email reply to with your complete refund request info. 

2. Any refund request must be sent by email only to and request must be made no later than 60 days past Extended Warranty's expiration date (any requests past 60 days cannot be refunded as explained during sale process)

3. When making your request, you must supply the Original Invoice Number, Contract Number and date of expiration of the contract. 

4. When making your request please provide a contact phone number, email address and type of payment that you used when buying your warranty, e.g. Visa, Check, etc. If you still use the same credit card you used back then, please provide the last 4 digits with the current cid# and expiration date. If you no longer use that credit card or if you paid by check or cash, a check will be issued to refund you. Please confirm the current mailing address. 

5. Do not call the showrooms for any refund requests. It cannot be processed through Showrooms by phone or in person, use only the instructions and above email addresses provided.

6. The Promotional EW Refund Program was offered through the Contract Provider and cannot be negotiated if denied to the Dealer.


Thank You,

Constant Care Department